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Transform the Look of Your Home !

Replacing doors and reusing the original frames is one of the most cost effective ways to update the look of your home. Simply select your new door style and they will be custom matched to fit the existing frames. If desired, you can add new hinges and locksets to complete the transformation, or your original hardware can be reused. Professionally applied paint or stain is also available, or they can remain unfinished.

Whether it’s a couple of doors or the whole house, have a Seattle Door Swap craftsman visit your home. They will take careful measurements along with compensating adjustments for door sag and house settling. This provides the customer with a much better fit than the original doors currently have. Your original doors will stay in place until the final swap takes place. We will machine and deliver your new doors unfinished or pre-finished (ask for prices), install your original or new hardware, and dispose of the old doors. 

Pre-hung Door Units

We are also experts at building pre-hung door units. A pre-hung door unit is a door that is attached to a door jamb by hinges and is ready to be installed into the rough opening.  We use quality Lynden, Simpson, and Therma-Tru products. Our door hangers have thirty years of experience in building quality door units to fit your needs. Whether it's an updated interior unit or a Street of Dreams entryway, we can build it. 

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Seattle Door Swap replaces your old doors with similar or updated styles while still retaining the existing door jambs.                                   We also build interior and exterior pre-hung door units for those who prefer a new door jamb as well.

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